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Our Mission

Find out about our background and our aims for helping our clients and their families.



Headway was formed in 1979 to support and provide information to people who have survived a brain injury, their relatives and concerned professionals.

There are over 110 groups and branches of Headway throughout the UK.

Headway Aylesbury Vale was formed in 1999 as a result of the re- organisation of Headway Chiltern; originally set up in 1988 to provide support, information and companionship for people with an acquired brain injury and their families, living in the Aylesbury, Chiltern and south Bucks area of the county.

It was set up by people who had experienced the effects of a brain injury with a member of their family and could not easily access support or advice.


Our Strategic Plan

Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI for short, is something that can happen to any of us, our friends, our family, at any time. Having survived the initial trauma or disease, there’s a need to understand how to cope with changes to a survivor’s physical and mental capabilities and often changed personality – all of which can be devastating for the people involved.

There are estimated to be around 1500 acquired brain injury survivors in the Aylesbury Vale community, although recording this condition is so bad that there may be many more.

Headway Aylesbury Vale is the only local charity focused on this issue. Our aim is to provide all of the survivors and their families with the support and help they need to enable them to live as normal and fulfilling lives as possible.

Outcomes expected of services provided to users of Headway Aylesbury Vale:

  • Exercising maximum control over their own life, supporting carers and affected family members
  • Participating as active and equal citizens, both economically and socially – and to have the best possible quality of life, irrespective of illness or disability
  • Living as independently as they are able
  • Staying healthy and recovering quickly from illness and injury
  • Sustaining a family unit which avoids children being required to take on inappropriate caring roles
  • Retaining maximum dignity and respect

To guide us in developing the services Headway Aylesbury Vale provide, we have agreed meaningful and actionable Vision and Mission statements.


Our Vision

A world where people affected by ABI are enabled to integrate back into society in a manner that is acceptable to them.


This is our guiding star and everything we do is intended to take us towards this goal.


Our Mission

To provide services that will form one of the stepping stones of choice for all people affected by ABI in Aylesbury Vale, as part of their pathway towards regaining their greatest possible independence.


This sentence provides us with the immediate focus for our development and underpins the following objectives and actions