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Brain injury survivors urged to seek help from free clinics

A charity is reaching out to survivors of brain injuries by appealing for them to take advantage of a unique opportunity to seek support and guidance offered by a free drop-in clinic.

Headway Aylesbury Vale set up the series of clinics in July at its premises in Fairford Leys and is urging survivors of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), their families and carers not to miss out on these sessions.

The next clinic is from 11-3pm on Friday September 4 at Headway in Wedgewood Street, Fairford Leys – in the corner of the car park behind the Co Op stores.

Chairman Peter Preston said: “We know there are simply hundreds of people out there in Aylesbury with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) but only a tiny proportion of them use our services.

“The object of these clinics is to reach out to others who need help but possibly don’t even realise we exist at the moment. These new clinics could be a great source of comfort and help to many people so we are really keen they read this and come forward.

“We are really trying to give this a push and are grateful to the local media for the help they have given in promoting this, but we know that it takes time and repeated mention to get the message out.

“We are hoping ABI survivors, or their family or carers and their Health Professional or Social Services supporters, will see this publicity and take the first step in finding out what we have to offer.”

ABI professionals will be on hand at the clinics to assess health and social needs related to the person’s brain injury, provide information and education for carers and survivors and give advice and recommendations on what services they could benefit from.

Headway decided to set up the clinics in the wake of a report earlier this year which shows a worrying increase in hospital admissions for patients with ABI.

Manager Karen Styles said: “We currently meet twice a week to provide a range of services for ABI survivors and intend to increase the number of sessions and widen the range of support to be able to help even more people.

“The drop-in clinics will be free and will provide an opportunity for people to both see what we can currently offer them and to let us know what other services we could provide that would be of real value to them.”

There were more than 46,000 hospital admissions for acquired brain injury in the region last year for issues including non-superficial head injuries, strokes, brain tumours, encephalitis, and a variety of additional conditions.

Headway estimates that, in Aylesbury Vale alone, there are some 1,500 ABI survivors.

For further information on Headway Aylesbury Vale’s drop-in clinics, to make a donation to the charity, or to pledge your fundraising or voluntary support, please contact Karen on 01296 415469 or email:




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Author: Headway Aylesbury Vale

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