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For Carers

Carers Evenings:

Headway intends to offer one evening per month for carers and/or other relatives of those who have ABI to meet and share experience and gain peer support.



The staff at Headway will endeavour to ensure that people with ABI and their carers/relatives are sign posted to the most appropriate services that are required to support their need.


Source of information:

Headway AV will provide a range of literature relating to brain injury.



Headway AV provides a safe environment for those individuals with ABI.  This provides carers with confidence that their relative is attending a service which has a good understanding of ABI and provides positive support to enable them to continue to engage in the rehabilitation pathway and integration into the community.



Headway AV has knowledgeable staff who are able to provide education and understanding of ABI to relatives and carers.


Drop in clinic:

A drop in clinic is held every 3 months for relatives or individuals with an ABI where an assessment of the persons needs can be carried out.


Social Network:

Headway AV empowers a social network between carers through internet services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter:   @HeadwayAV

Facebook:   Headway